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15 ans


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Depuis plus de 12 ans j'accompagne dans leurs supports de communication, les TPE, PME et Grands groupes, via des agences de communication. De la prise de brief au livrables, j'apporte un même savoir-être et savoir-faire à tous les clients et partenaires qui m'ont accordé leur confiance.

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  1. Type Entreprise individuelle
  2. Date de création 20/07/2004
  3. Effectif 0 (2004)
  4. TVA intercommunautaire FR01478007040
  5. Numéro de SIREN 478007040
  6. Code NAF Activités spécialisées de design (7410Z)
  7. Statut SIRENE Active
  8. Statut RCS Non immatriculée


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  • Siret : 47800704000015 (siège social)


    78160 Marly-le-Roi

    Activités spécialisées de design (7410Z)

    20 juil. 2004

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Blog Xavier Ducamp (36)

  • 16 juillet 2019


    DÍNAMO is a newspaper made by and for young people. It contains the leisure activities programmed by Murcia's city hall and interviews of young fresh people of the city.

  • 16 juillet 2019

    stranger things v's even stranger things

  • 16 juillet 2019

    ANORMAL Brand eXperience Design

  • 15 juillet 2019

    Digital Addiction

    People involved in daily interactive activities. Illustrations made for digital startups.

  • 15 juillet 2019

    Cloudscapes series

    'Cloudscapes' focuses on a naturally beautiful spectacle. On a warm and sunny afternoon in June, the temperatures were rising. High up in the atmosphere, huge thunderclouds started to build and change quickly into intricately shaped pieces of cotton wool art. Watch mother natures most potent and ...

  • 15 juillet 2019

    Reinsletta Allé

    Identity and presentation catalogue for Reinsletta Allé

  • 15 juillet 2019

    Illustrations III

  • 15 juillet 2019

    Dekon Design & Construction, Identity&Web

  • 15 juillet 2019

    Jersey trailer 2020 - Fortuna

    For Fortunas jersey reveal trailer we take a much closer look at how much of our hometown lives inside the fabric. Client: Fortuna Düsseldorf Agency: Morphoria Creative Director: Marco Schmidt 3D Artist: Klaus Alman 2D Artist: Andreas Ruhe Editor: Alex Michalakopoulos SFX: Ignacio Cantisano

  • 14 juillet 2019


    Neilsons are a New Zealand Law firm specialising in property law with offices in the South Auckland and the city centre. We worked with writer and strategist Matt Zwartz to evolve Neilsons existing identity. The previous logo was composed of a black letter 'N' set in navy and royal red. The 'N' h...

  • 14 juillet 2019

    Recent Artwork 19

    Recent Artwork from 2019

  • 14 juillet 2019

    Sneakers Magazine

    Illustrations made for Sneakers Magazine.

  • 14 juillet 2019

    Smart Buy Weeks 2019

    Smart Buy Weeks is a big sale event for Home Square, the largest one-stop shopping mall for home furnishing in Hong Kong. In this sale event, more than 58,000 selected items ranging from furniture to home accessories to be offered at HK$1, HK$100 and 99%off. We were asked the created a new visual...

  • 14 juillet 2019



  • 14 juillet 2019

    Home Société

    Home Société is a concept store composed of a curated selection of distinct furniture and accessories for home and garden. It is located near Yorkdale Shopping Centre in the heart of the buzzing North Toronto Design District. homesociete.ca

  • 13 juillet 2019

    Various illustrations 2019

    Here are a gallery of commissioned illustrations and personal development.

  • 13 juillet 2019

    Masters of Japan

    Japan is a very fascinating country, especially for traditions, still very strong and heartfelt. Particularly those related to artiginality and work. In this series of images I have documented some of the masters of the most typical and traditional Japanese arts. From the culinary ones, to the mo...

  • 13 juillet 2019

    Gangs of New York

    Privately commissioned screen printed poster for Martin Scorsese's 2002 epic 'Gangs of New York'.

  • 13 juillet 2019

    ITS Logistics. Digital Branding.

    ITS? The project was created based on the concept of ???????? teleportation, invoking a futuristic metaphor of dematerialization for the transfer of people and objects. The visual language is related to your cluster company, Cargobot through its chromatic palette and its recognizable forms. Ident...

  • 13 juillet 2019

    Chromatic Pastels

  • 13 juillet 2019


    2019??????????????????? ????????????????? ???????????????????? #?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??HIP-HOP???? #???????????? #?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????...

  • 12 juillet 2019

    Illustrations for Caravan (India) Magazine

  • 12 juillet 2019


    BMW VISION M NEXT Many thanks to the whole team: Julia, Fabio, Raphael, Antje, Dieter, Dominik, Kerstin, Oliver, Nicole, Steffen, Michi, Aurelia, Aketch Joy, Margie, Sigi, Markus, ... Special thanks to Julia and Fabio for their trust, courage and the creative freedom I was given! I really love be...

  • 12 juillet 2019

    Totem Monsters

  • 12 juillet 2019

    Nordstrom Advisory ? Brand identity

    Brand identity for Nordstrom Advisory

  • 12 juillet 2019

    Art & Design 2019

  • 11 juillet 2019

    The Finders Keepers ? Autumn/Winter 2019

    The Finders Keepers is a design market, that features the work of independent makers and designers from across Australia. With events held in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, the market promotes and supports over 1200 sellers each year. We developed the Brand Campaign for the Autumn/Winter 2019 Se...

  • 11 juillet 2019

    My Own Swordsman

  • 11 juillet 2019

    Compilation 3

  • 11 juillet 2019


    In the years leading up to their 20th anniversary, Eyebeam had grown from a space for artistic experimentation to a multidisciplinary nonprofit that pioneers social justice through the intersection of art and technology. Today, Eyebeam facilitates a flagship residency program, boundless education...

  • 11 juillet 2019

    How to make Sushi

    Story of a man mastering his craft, only to realize what he's had to sacrifice in the process of it.

  • 11 juillet 2019

    ADC Creative Week 2019

    Each year the ADC Creative Week aims to bring together creatives from all over the world under one motto to share their unique views, philosophy and vision. The motto of 2019 was Welcome to the Creative Circus. After a long Sketching Phase, we decided to bring together the arena of the circus, th...

  • 10 juillet 2019

    Acca Jewelry

    Japanese headpiece jewellery product visuals. Used in catalogue and for posters and postcards

  • 10 juillet 2019

    McLaren 720S, 570S Spider + Ferrari GTC4Lusso

    McLaren 720S, 570S Spider + Ferrari GTC4Lusso. Personal project.

  • 10 juillet 2019


  • 10 juillet 2019

    TCM - logo + alphabet

    Commissioned logotype + alphabet for TCM (Turner Classic Movies) tv channel. The goal was to make a subtle change to the old logo that modernizes it and gives it a more actual and fresh look.  Initially the idea was not to change the logo too much but to update it a bit. As we were working on new...

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